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Global Financial Securities Company was established to be the investment arm of the Global Financial Investment Holding Company (parent Company), which was founded in 1997 to be at the forefront of companies working to provide innovative financial and investment value will be highly competitive raised in the context of high-quality services.


Global Financial Securities Company is a part of Global Financial Investment holding Group which enjoys the full benefits of Global Financial Investment Holding which is considered as one of the largest investment companies in the Sultanate of Oman and the most capable of growth in financial and investment services to individuals and companies.


The Global Financial Securities Company earned comparative benefit from the experience of the Global Financial Investment Holding. Which accumulated over previous years in addition to the outstanding and tireless work, which is supported by a strong capital base, which enabled the company’s Global Financial Investment Holding SAOG of the occupation of the first centers in the investment activities in the Sultanate of Oman.

Global Financial Securities Company is a extension of this long experience and is determined to use all those successes achieved by the parent company in the construction of a new edifice of the outstanding achievements throw a working group qualified in the field of Brokerage asset management, financial services and investment.


Dear investor, we believe in the importance of your wealth management and planning for your financial future needs either you were individual or institution, through our

Investment services as follow:

A) Brokerage Which Includes:

  1. Brokerage Local and outside (GGC).
  2. Trust accounts.
  3. Advice to the company customers only.
  4. Marketing of the gulf IPOs.
  5. Distribution and promotion of Investment Funds unites

B) Portfolio Management.

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